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Travel bags

It depends on the destination of our trip we will need one type or another of luggage. If we want to travel comfortably, with hands free and with the necessary luggage, we recommend using a travel bag. We have travel bags with wheels and travel bags without wheels, the latter are perfect for weekend getaways, or to go to the gym, in addition to being used as cabin luggage. Travel bags with wheels are perfect for trips to various destinations, in which we do not have much space to store all the luggage. It should be noted its large interior capacity and multiple pockets to carry everything in an organized way. In our online luggage store you can find the entire collection of travel bags of different brands, models, sizes and colors. Quality at an unbeatable price!

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How are the travel bags?

Travel bags are a mix of backpacks and suitcases, with a series of particular characteristics that make them very useful as travel companions. They are soft, cab sizes, medium, large and extra large, and may have two wheels, or no wheels.
Among the main advantages they offer are the optimization of the internal capacity, the multiple compartments with quick access zipper and the wide range to choose from.

What items can we find?

We have backpack travel bags, shoulder bags and travel bags with wheels.

First of all, the Gladiator Arctic Travel Bag / Backpack and Eastpak Tranzpack Cabin Backpack are travel bags without wheels that can be carried on the back like a backpack. You can organize yourself with its quick access pockets and move around in a versatile and comfortable way thanks to its padded straps.

Secondly, the shoulder bags such as the Eastpak Station + and the Eastpak Stand + can be carried as a shoulder bag thanks to their removable strap, or as a handbag, they incorporate quick access external front pockets and small internal pockets to store money and important objects. Both these travel bags and the previous ones meet the cabin dimensions of most airlines and can be carried as hand luggage on flights.

Lastly, our Samsonite collections of travel bags on wheels, Rewind, Rewind Natural and Paradiver Light are the ultimate in travel bags. All models of the Rewind and Rewind Natural collections have adjustable straps on the outside that adjust the shape to the volume of the luggage and keep it safe, making the most of the space.
On the other hand, the Paradiver Light travel bags are essential for any hiker and adventure lover. Hook rings, quick access pockets, side handles even in the smallest sizes and renowned for its water resistance, this collection has everything you need to face the outdoors. The Samsonite Paradiver Light 55 cm travel bag / backpack is noteworthy, which in addition to being a two-wheeled travel bag can be used as a backpack.

Which travel bag is best for traveling?

Depending on the type of trip that we are going to make, as well as the destination, or the airline, we will have to opt for one or another type of travel bag.

If we are going to undertake a long-distance trip on a surface without too much relief, such as the streets of a city, we can choose a travel bag with wheels. It will function as a suitcase, with the advantages of soft cases and adjustable straps on the outside that will fix the luggage.

If instead we are looking for a travel bag for a long excursion or a getaway with light luggage, we can opt for a travel bag that we can use as a backpack. Unlike a usual suitcase with wheels, we can take our luggage with us on excursions without getting tired or worrying about our belongings, in a very comfortable way, leaving our hands free.

Finally, the shoulder travel bags, with a design similar to that of a sports bag, is a simple and comfortable way to carry your luggage with you on weekend getaways or short trips, keeping your personal belongings organized and your hands free. , if you wear it as a shoulder bag.

Find the best selection of travel bags from Eastpak, Samsonite and Gladiator brands.


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