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Discover everything related to the world of travel luggage from one of the best brands on the market Samsonite, a symbol of quality and resistance. You can find a wide range of Samsonite suitcases, wheeled travel bags, travel bags, backpacks, briefcases and travel accessories. We have a wide variety of suitcases, they can be rigid polycarbonate or rigid polypropylene or soft suitcases, with two or four wheels, in different sizes, designs, colours and styles. Depending on the type of trip you want to make, travel bags are indicated to travel more comfortably and with a larger interior volume. If you want to transport your electronic devices in a safe and organised way, discover our wide range dedicated to the business world, with our backpacks and briefcases. In our shop you can buy Samsonite suitcases at the best price and choose from our large online catalogue. You can also discover a cheap range of Secrid Miniwallet cases from Samsonite - quality at an unbeatable price!

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What is Samsonite

Samsonite is a brand of the leading brands in the manufacture of luggage and accessories. It was founded in the United States in 1910, so it is a company with great experience in its sector. Samsonite suitcases have stood out for their great durability. In the Samsonite section you can find the following products:


Samsonite - Cabin suitcase

We have a wide variety of colors, types, designs and materials of Samsonite cabin luggage, ideal for all types of travel. Our cabin suitcases have all the measures (55x40x20 cm) and standards required by flight companies such as Ryanair, easyJet or Vueling. If you want your hand luggage to be safe and you fear that it may break during the journey of a trip, in Susmaletas you will find very resistant and light Polycarbonate Suitcases or exclusive Samsonite Curv suitcases made with a patented and exclusive Samsonite ultralight and resistant material that It will make you forget about possible damage to your travel bag.
Samsonite large suitcases. You can buy Samsonite cabin luggage now. 

We have two types of large suitcase sizes:

    Large suitcase (70-79 cm)
    Extra large suitcase (> 80)

This type of luggage is ideal so that you can put everything you need, ideal for trips in which you are a long period of time away from home. Despite their large size, they are made of materials that make them very light in order to make it easier to move. You will find all kinds of materials so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Buy your large Samsonite suitcases now.

Samsonite Cheap Suitcases

Don't miss out on the luggage offers where you will find a wide range of products, colors, materials and styles from the Samsonite brand at a reduced price. Take advantage of our mega OUTLET offers to get your cheap and quality suitcase.
Samsonite s'cure - The safest hand luggage. You can buy cheap Samsonite suitcases now.

This product line stands out for the great security they offer and that they are suitcases without a zipper. They are made up of three anchor locks and an anti-humidity system. Its TSA combination lock is perfect for trips to the United States. It has a luxury line called Samsonite S´Cure DLX.

Also discover the selection of hard and soft suitcase products that we have in their suitcases from the American Tourister and Roncato brands.


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