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Large suitcases and Trolleys

Buy your large suitcases for airline luggage at Explore our range of large hard suitcases and soft suitcases, designed for light travel in style - travel in comfort and style with our large suitcases and large trolleys!

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Large suitcase Gladiator Mambo 75 cm
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The Gladiator collection The Gladiator collection of rigid travel suitcases with very light and resistant materials. They have a perfectly equipped interior with two compartments to carry everything you need for your...
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At, you'll find the best options for large suitcases at affordable prices so you can travel in style and comfort. We'll answer your questions about these suitcases:

How big is a 75-litre suitcase?

A large 75-litre suitcase generally measures around 70-80 centimetres high, 40-50 centimetres wide and 25-35 centimetres deep. However, the precise dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer. These suitcases are ideal for longer stays and offer a large storage capacity.

How to measure a 23kg suitcase?

To measure a large 23kg suitcase, follow these steps: first, weigh it on a suitable scale and note the weight in kilograms. Then use a tape measure to measure the height, width and depth of the suitcase in centimetres. If you want to calculate the volume in litres, multiply these dimensions (height x width x depth) and divide the result by 1,000, as 1 litre equals 1,000 cubic centimetres.

What if our suitcase has an expandable compartment?

An advantageous feature of many large suitcases is their expandable compartment. This allows you to increase the internal capacity should you need extra space, which is especially useful for large suitcases as they often provide around 12 litres of additional capacity.

Which large suitcase is best for travel?

The choice of large suitcase depends on the type of trip you have in mind. If you're looking for comfort, exterior pockets and large capacity, a large soft suitcase is the ideal choice. You can choose from two-wheeled or four-wheeled models, the latter being convenient for manoeuvring around airports. In contrast, if you need strength and durability for air travel, a large hard suitcase is an excellent choice, and some of them even have extendable compartments.

At, we offer a wide selection of large soft suitcases and hard suitcases, so you can choose the one that best suits your travel needs. We also have large suitcases with free shipping so you can save on your purchases.

Discover a range of renowned brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister, Roncato and Gladiator, offering high quality large suitcases:

Samsonite large suitcases: Upscape, Stackd, Citybeat, Essens.

American Tourister large suitcases: Soundbox.

Roncato large suitcases: Lihgt, Skyline, Sirio, Butterfly, Ironik 2.0.

Gladiator large suitcases: Boxing, Bionic, Mambo, Beetle, 3D.

Travel in confidence and style with our large suitcases. At, we guarantee quality at great prices.


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