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Choose from our large selection of suitcase sets perfect for your holiday. You can choose from hard suitcase sets or soft suitcase sets. If you're travelling by plane, our advice is to choose hard suitcases, as their materials are more resistant to impact. If, on the other hand, you need your suitcase for travel by train, car or bus, a soft suitcase will be perfect for you. Many of the models available, incorporate a combination lock with TSA function for safe travel to the USA. The suitcase set consists of a cabin suitcase, a medium suitcase and a large suitcase, adapting the need for each to the durability of your trip. In our online luggage shop you can find your perfect travel luggage sets for your holiday - quality at an unbeatable price!

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What suitcase set do I choose?

Choose the set of suitcases that best suits your needs, most sets of suitcases are made up of the three main sizes of suitcases in a collection in the same color; large, medium and cabin sizes, with exceptions where only two of the above are sold.

Knowing the differences between a small and a large suitcase and a rigid and a soft suitcase is essential when choosing the ideal set for your trips.

What is the difference between a soft suitcase and a rigid suitcase?

Soft suitcases have exterior pockets for quick access to objects and documents, while hard suitcases only have one main compartment to access the interior.

Hard suitcases are better organized, since they have two compartments to carry luggage, while soft suitcases only have one main compartment to transport clothes.

Soft suitcases are recommended for all types of trips other than by plane. Rigid suitcases are more resistant when it comes to absorbing impacts and scratches.

What suitcase to choose for our trip?

Small suitcases, those of cabin size, are suitable to travel as carry-on luggage in the different airlines. They have measures of 55 x 40 x 20 cm and can reach a maximum weight of 10 kg, these measures include wheels, handles and handles. These suitcases are to be carried in the cabin of the plane. This size is recommended for short trips or weekend getaways.

Medium suitcases are perfect for trips of 7 days for one person or for short stays of two people. This size is recommended to carry as checked luggage in the different airlines, and can reach a weight of 15-16 kg. A suitcase is considered medium size when it is 60 cm to 69 cm high.

Large suitcases are recommended for stays of 15 days for one person or for trips of a week for two people. This size is suitable to carry as checked luggage of 23 kg that the different airlines allow, we remember that this luggage is the one that is transported in the hold of the plane. A large suitcase reaches a height of 70 cm to 79 cm.


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