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Discover our wide selection of toiletry bags perfect for your travels. We have both hard and soft travel cases. Generally, soft toiletry bags can be placed inside the suitcase. There are two types: toilet kit, which is inserted inside the travel bag or suitcase, designed exclusively to carry what you need; and the beauty case, to carry it on the handle of the suitcase, hand or as a shoulder bag. They have a large interior capacity, so you can carry everything you need. The rigid toiletry cases can be carried on the handle of your suitcase, either handheld or as a shoulder bag. We have models designed especially for women. In our online luggage shop you can find a variety of travel bags different sizes, models and designs. quality at a great price!

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How are the travel kits?

Travel toiletry bags are the perfect accessories to store your toiletries or other similar objects separate from the rest of your luggage. Complement the purchase of your suitcase with a matching toiletry bag and facilitate the organization of your trip.

What items can we find?

We have two different types of toiletry bags; toilet kit and beauty case.

Beauty case toiletry bags such as Gladiator Space and Neon Lux are the ideal complement for your suitcase; They incorporate a side flap to move on the handle and to be able to carry it on top of the suitcase, in addition to being able to carry it in the hand with its upper handle. The Roncato Speed ​​beauty case can be carried across the body thanks to its removable strap. All the beauty case models, both rigid and soft, meet hand luggage measurements and are designed to go outside the suitcase and dedicate that internal space to other things.

On the other hand, toilet kit toilets are designed to be placed in the suitcase during the trip and offer other benefits. They are more similar to the usual toiletry bag, but they are more resistant, to withstand the travel in a suitcase. They can be purchased to match the suitcase collection to which they belong.

Samsonite travel bag

The design of this toilet kit is raised around the hanger that is integrated, which allows you to hang your toiletry bag so that access to your personal items is quick and comfortable.

What travel bag is better for traveling?

Depending on the suitcase that we are going to purchase, we can buy the set, and even get discounts and offers by purchasing both at the same time.

If we are looking for a toiletry bag to organize our toiletries and separate them from the rest of the luggage, we can purchase a toilet kit type toiletry bag. If, on the other hand, we need to gain space inside our suitcases we can acquire a beauty case.

Find the best selection of travel bags from the Roncato, Samsonite and Gladiator brands.


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