The perfect travel accessories for your trips. Choose from the entire range of accessories, such as luggage covers, you can protect your suitcase on all your trips. Sleep comfortably with one of the travel pillows, stay organized at all times with the money belts or the wallet to carry around your neck. Increase your peace of mind with our travel essential accessories, luggage straps and universal power adapters. In addition, you can not miss in your luggage the folding Samsonite umbrellas, perfect for your trips to any destination. We also have sets of toiletry containers to transport liquids in low-cost airlines. In our online travel luggage store you will find a wide variety of Samsonite accessories such as Secrid wallets that are the perfect travel accessories for your vacations. Quality at an unbeatable price!

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How are the Samsonite travel packages?

Samsonite accessories are the perfect travel accessories for your vacation. They are made of very resistant high quality materials.
You can find a wide variety of travel items from one of the best brands on the market such as Samsonite.
What items can we find?

You can find belts and wallets to transport your money safely and comfortably during your trips. In this way you can carry a backpack with all your accessories and the mobile, the wallet, tickets, passport ... under the clothes either with the wallet to hang around the neck or at the waist with the fanny pack. They have two compartments with zip closure so that everything is organized and safe when traveling. It is the perfect complement for travel and for vacations. Forget being scared if your mobile, documentation, passport or wallet is stolen.

You can also find a wide selection of combination locks, TSA locks, combination and TSA luggage straps to travel safely to the US If your suitcase, travel bag or backpack does not have this type of lock, it is advisable that you do with a padlock. The customs police have a master key to check our luggage without having to force or break the lock. Two out of ten bags are randomly searched for prohibited or dangerous items. If you are going to make a trip to the US, get one of them. They are available in a wide variety of colors.

If you are going to make a long trip of many hours, we recommend purchasing the convertible travel pillow. You can wear it on the neck in a U-shape, or turn it into a multipurpose roll to support the head, accommodate the kidneys or to elevate the legs comfortably. It is filled with polystyrene balls, adapting to the anatomy of each user.

Thanks to the universal electrical adapters you can charge your mobile devices anywhere in the world.

You will be able to identify your suitcase thanks to the identification labels. You can carry them on the top or side handle of your suitcase. Keep your luggage checked at all times in case of loss or forgetfulness.

If you want to keep your suitcase without any scratches and avoid scratches, you can get a Samsonite suitcase cover. It is available for medium, large and extra large suitcases. They adapt perfectly to your contour. You can find them in black and blue.

If you are one of those who travel regularly on low-cost airlines, you have to get a set of toilet containers. It is made up of four cans, two of them with a sprayer and two normal, it complies with the regulations for the transport of liquids in cabin luggage.

So you do not have to pay an extra cost if your suitcase exceeds the weight allowed by the different airlines, the Samsonite digital luggage scale is the perfect one for you. It does not take up space and the measurement is very accurate.


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