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Medium Suitcase


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Medium Suitcases and Trolleys

Buy Medium Luggage Online at and Travel in Style! At, we offer a wide range of medium suitcases ideal for your travels. Whether you need medium hard suitcases or medium soft suitcases, our selection of medium trolleys are designed for you to travel light in style.

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If you are looking for cheap, quality medium sized suitcases, you have come to the right place. At, we offer you a wide selection of medium-sized travel suitcases to suit your needs. Here we will answer some common questions about these suitcases:

How many kilos is a medium suitcase?

The weight allowance for a medium suitcase to be checked on a trip can vary depending on the airline and the specific baggage policy. Generally, most airlines allow a medium-sized bag to weigh 20-23 kilograms. It is essential to check the airline's weight restrictions before packing to avoid additional charges.

How many litres will fit in a medium suitcase?

The space in a medium-sized suitcase varies, but they generally have a capacity of around 60 to 80 litres. If you're looking for medium suitcases with free shipping, our shop has some great options for your travels.

What if our suitcase has an expandable compartment?

An additional advantage of our medium suitcases is that many of them have an expandable compartment. This allows you to increase the internal capacity of your suitcase if you need extra space.

Which is better, medium or large suitcase?

The choice between a medium and a large suitcase depends on your needs. Medium suitcases are ideal for shorter stays or light travel. On the other hand, large suitcases are suitable for longer trips or when you need to carry more clothes and items. At, we have options for both medium and large suitcases, so you can choose the one that best suits your trip.

Which medium suitcase is best for travel?

Depending on your type of travel, you could opt for a medium soft suitcase if you are looking for comfort and interior capacity. Also, if you need a medium suitcase to check in by plane, we recommend our sturdy options suitable for this. You'll find medium sized hard suitcases with extendable compartments in our selection.

At, we guarantee quality at an incredible price on our medium travel suitcases. Find the perfect medium suitcase for your next trip and travel in style - discover our offers on medium suitcases and medium trolleys today!

What medium suitcase items can we find?

Travel safely with the best selection of medium suitcases from American Tourister, Samsonite, Roncato and Gladiator.

Samsonite Medium Suitcases

-Paradiver Light - Magnum Eco - Upscape - C-Lite - Citybeat 

American Tourister Medium Suitcases

- Soundbox  

Roncato Medium Suitcases

- Lihgt - Sirio -Stellar -Butterfly - Vega - Ironik 2.0

Gladiator Medium Suitcases

- Boxing - Bionic - Mambo - Beetle - 3D


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