Samsonite S´Cure suitcase


Hard suitcase with 4 wheels.

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  Hard suitcases

  Suitcase without zippers

  4 wheels

  Combination lock with TSA function

  Cross ribbons

  Divided pad

  Low cost luggage

Construction 100% Polypropylene
Warranty Limited 5 year global Warranty


Samsonite S´Cure without zipper are made in Europe with Flowlite. This material allows to produce extremely light and highly resistant polypropylene housings. It is the perfect suitcase for air travel due to its great resistance.

It has a zipper closure with three anchor points, which translates into more safety on your trips, in addition to a completely sealed closure to limit the entry of moisture. They incorporate double wheels that facilitate 360º rotation and lateral displacement on all surfaces, as well as a double tube handle, upper and lateral handle to facilitate the grip, as well as an integrated identification tag. On the side it incorporates the combination lock with TSA function valid for safe travel to the USA. The interior is perfectly organized, with elastic bands on one side, and separator with side pocket on the other.

If you are looking for a travel bag without zipper, rigid, very resistant, with a large interior capacity, perfect for traveling by plane, the Samsonite S´Cure polypropylene suitcase collection is the one that best suits you.

Features Samsonite S´Cure 55 cm cabin suitcase:

-Dimensions in cm: 40 x 55 x 20
-Weight in Kgrs: 2.9
-Volume in liters: 34

Samsonite S´Cure cabin suitcase is perfect to carry as cabin luggage in low-cost airlines, as it complies with the strict cabin measures set by them. This size is recommended for weekend getaways.

Features Samsonite S´Cure 69 cm medium suitcase:

-Dimensions in cm: 49 x 69 x 29
-Weight in Kgrs: 4.2
-Volume in liters: 79

The medium sized Samsonite S´Cure suitcase is designed to make 7-day stays for one person or short trips for two people. It can be carried as checked luggage on air travel.

Features Samsonite S´Cure 75 cm large suitcase:

-Dimensions in cm: 52 x 75 x 31
-Weight in Kgrs: 4.6
-Volume in liters: 102

The large Samsonite S´Cure suitcase can be carried as 23kg checked luggage on air travel. This size is recommended for 2-week stays for one person, or 7-day trips for two people.

Features Samsonite S´Cure 81 cm extra large suitcase:

-Dimensions in cm: 55 x 81 x 33
-Weight in Kgrs: 5.3
-Volume in liters: 138

Samsonite S´Cure extra large suitcase is perfect for long-term stays or to carry as a suitcase for the whole family. It has the maximum interior capacity.


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