Roncato Light suitcase


Suitcase without zippers very resistant.

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  Hard suitcases

  Suitcase without zippers

  4 wheels

  Combination lock with TSA function

Construction 100% Polypropylene
Warranty Garantie mondiale limitée de 10 ans


Roncato Light zippered luggage is made of polypropylene, a very light and super resistant material perfect for air travel. It should be noted its ecological compatibility as it is made with 100% recyclable materials.

It has a zipperless closure with four anchoring points: two upper, one side and another central which incorporates the combination lock with TSA function suitable for traveling to the US, as well as upper and side handle for easy grip, wheels doubles that facilitate the rotation 360º and the lateral displacement by all the surfaces, in addition to handle of double tube (size of cabin) and of monotube in the medium and big size. The interior is perfectly organized with elastic ribbons in the shape of a butterfly in one compartment and a network separator with a zipper pocket in the other.

If you are looking for a suitcase without zip, very light, super resistant, perfect for all kinds of air travel, the Roncato Light collection of rigid suitcases is the one that best suits you.

Features Roncato Light 55 cm cabin suitcase (S):

- Dimensions in cm: 55 x 40 x 20
- Weight in Kgrs: 3.0
- Volume in liters: 41

Roncato Light cabin size suitcase is suitable for traveling with low cost airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling ... It complies with the measurements set in a hand luggage (55x40x20 cm) and can reach a weight of 10 kg. This size is recommended for weekend stays.

Features Roncato Light 68 cm medium size suitcase (M) :

- Dimensions in cm: 68 x 48 x 27
- Weight in Kgrs: 3.8
- Volume in liters: 80

The medium-sized Roncato Light suitcase is recommended for 7-day stays for one person or short trips for two people. It can be carried as checked baggage in airplane trips, reaching an approximate weight of 15 kg.

Features Roncato Light  75 cm large size suitcase (L):

- Dimensions in cm: 75 x 53 x 30
- Weight in Kgrs: 4.8
- Volume in liters: 109

Roncato Light large-sized suitcase can be carried as checked baggage in airplane travel, reaching a weight of 23 kg. This size is recommended to travel for 15 days or for stays of 7 days for two people.


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