The Roncato Network collection of soft suitcases are made of polyester, a highly resistant and lightweight material. They are available in a cabin size that perfectly meets the standards of low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Vueling, EasyJet ..., as well as large and medium sizes. All models include a combination lock with TSA function for safe travel in the USA They have a front pocket for quick access to documents, objects, bills ... In addition, it has a perfectly equipped interior with two zippered pockets in the compartment top plus cross elastic straps. They are designed with a youthful look that will make recognizing your suitcase very easy. In our online luggage store you can find all models of Roncato Joy soft luggage in all their sizes and colors. Its 7 models make it a versatile collection that adapts to your needs, quality at an unimaginable price.

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How are the Roncato Network suitcases?

Roncato Network soft suitcases are made of polyester, a highly resistant and lightweight material, the cabin suitcase weighing only 2 kilograms.
They are available in black, with a similar design and characteristics, but more technological, than the Roncato Joy collection.
They are soft travel cases with a youthful appearance, light and with great interior capacity.

What features can we highlight from this collection?

They incorporate a secure and resistant zip closure, an interior perfectly equipped with elastic fastening straps in a compartment plus a net separator with an integrated zippered pocket.
They have a combination lock with TSA function integrated in the housing. With it you can make trips to the United States without problems. The customs police have a master key with which they can open the suitcase and check it without having to force the lock. Remember that two out of ten suitcases are randomly checked for prohibited or dangerous items. You just have to set the three-digit combination you want.

It has a front zippered pocket for quick access to objects or liquids, with a large interior capacity.

It is worth noting its lightness, its resistance and the ability to expand its interior capacity to all sizes and models.

What sizes are available?

The Roncato Network collection is available in various sizes:
• Roncato Network 55 cm suitcase: perfect for flying with low cost airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling… It is the ideal size for weekend getaways. With its expandable compartment increases its capacity up to 6 liters.
• Roncato Network 63 cm suitcase: it is suitable for carrying as checked baggage in the different airlines. It is the ideal size for trips of a week for one person or for short stays of two people. With its expandable zipper it increases its capacity by more than 10% extra.
• Roncato Network 75 cm suitcase: suitable for carrying as checked luggage by airlines. Recommended size for stays of two weeks for one person or for trips of one week for two people, and it can increase its internal capacity by 10 liters in case of needing more space.
• Roncato Network 55/63/75 suitcase set

Why should you buy this collection?

If you like soft suitcases, the Roncato Network collection is the one that best suits you, it has great resistance, super light weight and great interior capacity in all its models. Don't think twice and buy your suitcase now.



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