Gladiator Boxing suitcases

Gladiator Boxing hard suitcases made of polypropylene, a material that is characterized by its great strength and lightness. It has an attractive and youthful design, combining a matt and glossy finish. Available in several sizes (cabin suitcase, medium size and large size) that will adapt perfectly to the type of trip you want to make. The interior is perfectly equipped with crossed elastic straps and zip pocket. It incorporates 4 double wheels (spinner suitcase) that facilitate 360º rotation and a smooth and simple movement on any type of floor. In addition, if you travel to the US, in most cases you have a TSA lock, which ensures that your suitcase is not damaged in the event that the US authorities want to check the contents of it.

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How are the Gladiator Boxing suitcases?

Gladiator Boxing rigid travel cases are made of 100% polypropylene with a zip, a highly resistant material to impacts and scratches.
This material is ideal for air travel due to its great resistance and durability.

Its unique design and alternately matte and metallic finish make it a very solid alternative to suitcases with similar characteristics such as the Gladiator Ocean and Gladiator Tankzip. It is available in black, saffron yellow and bondi blue.

What characteristics does this collection present?

It is worth highlighting the expansion capacity of all its articles, increasing its interior volume. Depending on the trip you are going to make, you can use it or not.

The interior is perfectly equipped with elastic fastening straps in both compartments, a zipper divider with an integrated pocket and another zipped side compartment to carry the smallest accessories.

It has double smooth-sliding wheels allowing 360º rotation, you can move it on all surfaces without any problem. In addition, it facilitates lateral movement, so that it is more comfortable to carry your suitcase.

It incorporates a combination lock with TSA function integrated into the side of the casing, in this way it is protected against blows that it may suffer when checking in on the plane. This lock is recommended if you are going to travel to the US The customs police will be able to check our suitcase without having to force the lock, it is a security measure. Two out of every ten suitcases are searched for prohibited items. We will only have to set the combination of three digits that we want.

What sizes are available?

This collection is available in three sizes:
• 55 cm small suitcase:
o With the extendable compartment closed, it complies with the strict cabin measurements set by low cost airlines 55x40x20 cm and a maximum weight of 10 kg.
o With the open extendable compartment you can take it in the rest of the airlines that fix your hand luggage with a maximum size of 55x40x25 cm.
This size is recommended for weekend stays or short trips of a maximum of 2 days.
• 67 cm medium suitcase: this size is recommended for short trips for two people or for stays of one week for one person. This size already has to be carried as checked baggage by the different airlines.
• Large 77 cm suitcase: this size is recommended for stays of one week for two people or for trips of fifteen days for one person. This suitcase size can be carried as checked baggage by airlines.

Why should you buy this collection?

If you are looking for a rigid, extendable suitcase with a large interior capacity, valid for air travel, easy to distinguish on airport luggage straps and with an urban and attractive design, the Gladiator Boxing suitcase collection is the one that adapts to you.



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