Samsonite Hard Polycarbonate

Samsonite's collection of polycarbonate travel cases is made in Europe, it is a very resistant and super light material. They are travel suitcases with modern and youthful designs that will give a very fresh look to your trips. They have a combination lock with TSA function to travel safely to the US, a super light weight with a great capacity and very good interior organization to carry everything you need for your trips. They are the ideal suitcases for air travel as they are very resistant to impacts. The cabin models comply with the measures required by the main low-cost airlines. In our online luggage store you can find a wide variety of Secrid wallets, cabin luggage, medium suitcases, large suitcases and extra large suitcases from the Samsonite brand. Quality at an unbeatable price!

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How are Samsonite polycarbonate suitcases?

Samsonite polycarbonate suitcases are manufactured in Europe, they are characterized by being a very light material and resistant to shocks, scratches and extreme temperatures.

What is polycarbonate?

One of the properties to highlight is its resistance to impact, heat and optical transparency, making it a material used in a wide variety of functions.

In what articles or objects is polycarbonate used?

Polycarbonate is used in a large selection of articles as well as pieces of industrial machinery, advertising supports or illuminated advertisements, as well as in the manufacture of computers, mobile phones, glasses or nautical accessories.

What to choose polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcases?

Polycarbonate suitcases are considered high-end, it is characterized by being a very light and resistant model, it also allows two finishes: matt or glossy with a mirror effect.
The main difference with polypropylene cases is in terms of weight, polycarbonate cases are lighter than polypropylene, the latter being a little more resistant in terms of bumps and scratches.

ABS or polycarbonate?

ABS is a material derived from polycarbonate. Therefore it has very similar characteristics. It is a very resistant plastic to impacts and with a high resistance to abrasion.

What collections can we find?

Within the suitcases made of polycarbonate we can find different collections:
Samsonite Mixmesh: the newest collection to date. It combines laminated polycarbonate in four different shades with two-tone finishes with the latest fashion trends. It is characterized by its great resistance and above all, lightness when traveling by plane.

Samsonite Neopulse: a reference when it comes to light luggage, it perfectly combines lightness and resistance thanks to its design with self-reinforced corners. It has a glossy finish in four different shades.

Samsonite Klassik: it is made of 100% Makrolon polycarbonate, a highly resistant and very light material. It stands out for its scratch-resistant diamond texture. Enjoy a 40% discount buying your Samsonite Klassik suitcase exclusively at

Samsonite Prodigy: is designed for the business man or woman. It has a front pocket to transport electronic devices quickly and easily. You will be able to pass very quickly the security controls of the airports without having to open the suitcase or carry a second piece of luggage. Light, functional and above all, very resistant.

Why should you buy a suitcase from this collection?

Samsonite polycarbonate suitcases are the lightest on the market, behind suitcases made of Curv material, resulting in a collection of very light and resistant travel suitcases designed for all types of trips.

If you are a traveler looking for comfort, lightness and resistance when traveling, the Samsonite polycarbonate collection of travel suitcases are the ones that best suit you. Hurry and choose the model that best suits you and you will not regret it! Discover all our offers at

We also have Curv suitcases available, ultra-resistant material exclusive to Samsonite and also polypropylene zippered suitcases available in various colors and sizes to help you find what you are looking for. If you want to compare our Samsonite suitcases with other brands, we have American Tourister and Roncato rigid suitcases in their suitcases. Still don't have what you're looking for?



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