Roncato Light

Roncato Light zipperless suitcases are made of polypropylene, which stands out for its lightness and ecological compatibility. The molding process is carried out in a vertical position, allowing a reduction in the thickness of the plastic and therefore in the weight of the product. The other fundamental characteristic is the special attention to the protection of the environment. The materials are 100% recyclable, the production and assembly system is designed from the planning stage to reduce harmful CO2 emissions. It has a combination lock with TSA function to travel safely to the US In our online luggage store you can find the entire range of Roncato Light zip-free luggage in different suitcase sizes and colors. The perfect suitcase for your trips abroad. Quality at an unrepeatable price!

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How are the Roncato Light suitcases?

Roncato Light is a collection of zipperless suitcases made of polypropylene, a highly resistant material to impacts and scratches. It has a large interior capacity and a very light weight, it is perfect for those travelers who seek safety on their trips. Its ecological compatibility stands out since the materials used in its manufacture are 100% recyclable.

It has a zipperless, hermetic closure, with four anchor points: two upper, one lower and the central lock. This type of closure prevents the entry of water and humidity.

What characteristics does this collection present?

It has a hermetic closure without zipper with a large interior capacity. This type of material is recommended for traveling by plane due to its great resistance and durability against bumps or scratches.

It is the collection of rigid suitcases without zipper. It has a perfectly equipped interior with elastic fastening straps in one compartment and a net separator in the other. The interior is unlined, that is, it does not have any interior fabric.

It has double wheels that facilitate 360º rotation, in addition to facilitating lateral movement thanks to its four wheels. You can transport it on all surfaces without any problem.

It incorporates a side and top handle to facilitate grip and transport, as well as a double tube handle attached to the back of the shell that adapts to different desired heights.

Thanks to its combination lock with TSA function, you will be able to travel safely to the US The customs police have a master key to check all the suitcases for prohibited or dangerous items. Remember that two out of ten suitcases are randomly searched. If our suitcase has been checked, the customs police will leave us a note as to what our suitcase has been checked. You just have to set the three-digit combination of your choice. If the suitcase did not have this type of lock, our suitcase would be forced, that is why this type of locks is advisable.

What sizes are available?

This collection is available in the following sizes:
• 55 cm small suitcase: recommended for a weekend stay. It also complies with the strict cabin measures set by low cost airlines, such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling ... 55x40x20 cm and a maximum weight of 10 kg.
• 68 cm medium suitcase: this suitcase can be carried as checked luggage in the different airlines. It is the recommended size for stays of 7 days for one person; or for short trips of two people.
• Large 75 cm suitcase: it is valid to carry as checked baggage on flights. Ideal size for stays of fifteen days for one person or trips of one week for two people.

Why should you buy a suitcase from this collection?

If you are looking for a suitcase without a zipper, very light, resistant and with a large interior capacity, perfect to carry on the plane both as carry-on and checked baggage and also be 100% ecological, the Roncato Light collection of zipperless suitcases is the one for you. suits you.


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