Medium suitcases have a height between 60 cm and 70 cm high. They are recommended for stays of one week for one person or for short stays of two people. There is a wide variety of medium suitcases, you can choose between different types of suitcase hardness: hard suitcases, soft suitcases or travel bags with wheels. If you are going to travel by plane, our advice is that they be rigid suitcases, since their materials are more resistant to the impacts that they may suffer. If, on the other hand, you need your travel bags to travel by train, car or bus, a soft suitcase will be the perfect one for you. And if you prefer two-wheeled suitcases with a large interior capacity, you can choose from our selection of travel bags on wheels. In our online luggage store you can find your perfect medium-size suitcase for your trips. Quality at an incredible price!

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How are the medium suitcases?

Medium suitcases are the ideal suitcases for one-week trips for one person, as well as being the most versatile suitcase size. They have a height of between 60 and 70 cm. and an internal capacity of 70-90 l.
Medium suitcases can be carried as checked luggage in the hold of the aircraft.

What items can we find?

We have medium soft suitcases, medium rigid suitcases and medium travel bags with wheels.

The medium soft suitcases have exterior pockets for quick access to objects and documents. There are medium soft suitcases with two and four wheels. In general, two-wheel cases have more interior capacity than four-wheel cases, although the latter are more popular for their comfortable movement. They are designed with a single main compartment to carry all the luggage. It should be noted its lightness and great internal capacity.

Rigid medium suitcases have a great internal organization, since the luggage can be carried divided into two compartments. They are perfect for air travel, due to their great resistance to bumps and scratches. They stand out for their lightness and resistance when traveling, and are made of ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Travel bags with wheels offer a large interior capacity since all the internal volume they provide is used. They have multiple zippered compartments for quick access to objects and documents that facilitate organization when traveling. In addition, they can be transported with their wheels, shoulder type or by hand.

What if our suitcase has an extendable compartment?

An advantage over cabin suitcases is that expandable medium suitcases are much more common than expandable cabin suitcases; the expandable compartment allows us to slightly increase the internal capacity of our suitcase in case we need extra space.

What medium suitcase is better for traveling?

Depending on the type of trip that we are going to make, as well as the destination, or the airline, we will have to opt for one or another type of suitcase.

If what we are looking for is a comfortable medium suitcase for travel, with exterior pockets, light and with a large interior capacity, we will have to opt for a soft medium suitcase. And within these, we will choose between a suitcase with two or four wheels, the latter facilitate lateral movement when boarding the plane, while those with two wheels have more capacity than those with four wheels.

On the contrary, if we are looking for a resistant, light suitcase, with a large interior capacity that is suitable for traveling by plane, we will have to opt for a medium-size suitcase. We have the option of choosing rigid medium suitcases with an extendable compartment to increase the interior capacity, which is valid for traveling with all airlines.

What items can we find for medium suitcases?

Travel safely with the best selection of medium suitcases from the American Tourister, Samsonite and Roncato brands.

Samsonite Medium Suitcases

- Base Boost
- Cosmolite 3.0
- Dynamore
- Flux
- Neopulse
- Paradiver Light
- Rewind Natural
- S'Cure
- S'Cure DLX
- Spark SNG
- Termo Young
- Uplite
- X'Blade

American Tourister Medium Suitcases

- Airconic
- Bon Air
- Funshine
- Jetglam
- Mighty Maze
- Modern Dream
- Soundbox
- Summerfunk
- Summer Voyager
- Sunside
- Wavebreaker

Roncato Medium Suitcases

-   Boxing
-   Ocean
-   Tankzip
-   Zebra
-   Opera
-   Beetle
-   Neon Lux
-   Space
-   Neon
-   3D
-   Metro
-   Arctic