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At SusMaletas we have at your disposal a wide range of Samsonite, American Tourister and Roncato garment bags. You can find garment bags with wheels and without wheels, depending on the use that you are going to give it, from SusMaletas we recommend one or the other. For example, if you normally travel in your car you can travel with garment bags without wheels, on the other hand if you travel often by plane, a garment bag with wheels will be more comfortable for you. We have models with a size suitable for traveling in the cabin that does not exceed the dimensions 55 x 40 x 20 cm. In our online travel luggage store you can find the entire collection of garment bags of different sizes and colors, to have at your disposal the right clothing for every occasion. Quality at an unrepeatable price!

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What is a garment bag?

It is a container of flexible material that is used to transport any garment, suits, dresses etc. It is specially designed for suits that due to their characteristics are more difficult to carry and do not have wrinkles.

What items can we find?

We have bi-fold, tri-fold, four-and two-wheel hand garment bags.

The bi-fold garment bags allow us to move with our suits with the minimum amount of wrinkles, with integrated pockets to store small items and a side flap to attach them to our suitcase.

Tri-fold garment bags comply with the cabin measurements of most airlines and allow us to take our suit to the cabin of the plane, preventing it from wrinkling in the hold of the plane in case we are going to take a flight.

Finally, the garment bags with 2 and 4 wheels are the most comfortable, safe and spacious way to move around with our uniform. They have a TSA security lock, a large amount of space to store various personal belongings, and in the case of the Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 collection, it includes the Multiway Compress system, which replaces the elastic straps of the usual suitcases and prevents wrinkles.

What collections of garment bags can we find?

Travel safe with the best selection of garment bags from Samsonite, Spark SNG and X'Blade 4.0.




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