Suitcase Samsonite Lite Box

The Samsonite Lite-Box suitcase collection is among the lightest and strongest in its class, and also combines the best materials on the market with a very modern design. This suitcase has a large capacity due to its dynamic vertical design, it also has protectors on the corners which will give great resistance.

It has four double wheels and two top and side handles to provide comfort on your trips. The interior is completely lined with an exclusive soft-touch fabric.

They are suitcases that allow you to organize yourself easily since it has two dividers and crossed straps.

Its material is Polypropylene, the most resistant material on the market together with its security, which has a fixed 3-digit combination padlock with TSA function.

How are the Samsonite Lite Box suitcases?
Samsonite Lite Box suitcases combine the best materials with a contemporary design and are made in Europe with Flowite. This material makes it possible to produce extremely light and highly resistant polypropylene shells.
It is the lightest and strongest collection of suitcases in its class to date, manufactured by Samsonite offering greater security on your trips.
This type of suitcase is recommended for those people who travel frequently by plane and who are looking for a very resistant and, above all, light and functional suitcase.

What features does this collection have?
It has a fixed 3-digit combination padlock closure offering greater security in your travels, it is also a closure with a TSA function.
It incorporates smooth-running double wheels and also facilitates 360º rotation. The handle is double tube. It has an identification label integrated in the back to indicate our personal data in case of loss or misplacement of the suitcase.
The interior is perfectly equipped with crossed fastening straps in a compartment plus a large side pocket with zipper closure. In the other compartment it has a net separator.
In addition, it has a combination lock with TSA function to travel safely to the US. This is useful when traveling to the US. The customs police in this country randomly check two out of ten suitcases for dangerous and prohibited items. They introduce the master key and search the suitcase without having to force the lock. Once our suitcase has been checked, they leave us a note so that we have a record of them.

What sizes are available?
It is available in four sizes:
• 55 cm small suitcase: it is valid for traveling with low-cost airlines, it complies with the strict 55x40x20 cm cabin measurements. It is the ideal size for weekend trips.
• 69 cm medium suitcase: it is valid to carry as checked baggage on air travel. It is the recommended size for stays of one person for a week or for short trips of two people.

Why should I buy a suitcase from this collection?
If you are looking for a rigid, light and resistant suitcase with a security lock with TSA function, which prevents the entry of water and humidity, and with a large interior capacity, the Samsonite Lite Box collection of suitcases is the one that suits you.