X'Blade 4.0

X'Blade is the only "all-inclusive" luggage solution for the frequent traveler. Lightweight, durable and packed with essential features, the new X'Blade collection offers a superb, slim design in highly wear-resistant polyester and can accommodate all types of items inside. It is worth highlighting the new three suitcases specially designed for the businessman: one to carry as a shoulder bag and valid as cabin luggage, another suitcase with cabin-size wheels and finally, large-size wheeled garment bags. All have a perfectly equipped interior to make the trip more comfortable and above all in an organized way. They incorporate padlock or combination lock with TSA function, to travel more safely and interior hangers to facilitate the organization of luggage. In our online luggage store you can find the entire collection of Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 garment bags. Quality at an unbeatable price!

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How are the Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 cases?

Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 soft suitcases are made of nylon and polyester, light and very resistant materials, just like their garment bags.
Up to 7 models are available, with different sizes and characteristics
They are soft travel suitcases with a modern look, light and with a large interior capacity.

What features can we highlight from this collection?

Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 is a classic among Samsonite soft luggage collections.
They incorporate a YKK Woven-in Tough zip closure in all moelos, with a durability 15 times higher than the standard closure, an interior perfectly equipped with elastic bands with Multiway Compress system that allow the garment to be held in case they are distributed evenly. uneven, one compartment plus net separator with built-in pocket.
They have a combination lock with TSA function integrated in the housing. With it you can make trips to the United States without problems. The customs police have a master key with which they can open the suitcase and check it without having to force the lock. Remember that two out of ten suitcases are randomly checked for prohibited or dangerous items. You just have to set the three-digit combination you want.

To improve your comfort, all garment bags incorporate a hanger that will allow you to hang your uniform as soon as you arrive at your accommodation.

It has two front zippers for quick access to objects with a large interior capacity. All models are available in black. It should be noted its lightness, its resistance and the ability to expand its interior capacity in most models.

What sizes are available?

The Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 collection is available in various sizes and models:
• Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 55 cm suitcase: perfect for flying with low cost airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling ... It is the ideal size for weekend getaways.
• Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 55 cm Top Pocket Suitcase: it incorporates the Top Pocket, specifically designed to store liquids in its easily accessible upper pocket, where we can access them without disassembling the suitcases during an airport check. Likewise, it can be checked in as cabin baggage.
• Suitcase Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 EXP 63 cm: it is suitable to carry as checked luggage in the different airlines. It is the ideal size for trips of a week for one person or for short stays of two people. With its expandable zipper it increases its capacity up to an extra 6 liters.
• Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 EXP 71 cm suitcase: suitable for carrying as checked luggage by airlines. Recommended size for stays of two weeks for one person or for trips of one week for two people. In addition, you can increase its internal capacity by 7 liters in case you need more space.
• Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 garment bag: this garment bag can be carried as a shoulder bag, it can be checked in as cabin luggage by complying with the strict measures set by the airlines (55x40x20).
• Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 Trolley garment bag: it has the same measurements as the previous one, and incorporates two wheels to improve its mobility; includes a bag to deposit liquids in case of traveling by plane.
• Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 Spinner Garment Bag: 4-wheel garment bag, suitable for storing a large amount of personal belongings, apart from the suit / uniform, includes a pocket for laptops up to 17.3 "inches, and a 10.5" tablet.

Why should you buy this collection?

If you like soft suitcases, the Samsonite X'Blade 4.0 collection is the one that best suits you, it has great resistance, light weight and a great interior capacity in all its models, in addition to a professional design. Their garment bags are perfectly equipped, always thinking about comfort and protection. Don't think twice and buy your suitcase now.



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