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Discover all the collections of Samsonite soft cases, very light and resistant travel cases. Soft suitcases are recommended for trips by bus, train, car ... They are very light and resistant suitcases with a large interior capacity. Unlike rigid suitcases, soft suitcases have exterior pockets that when traveling facilitate quick access to documents, objects ... They are available in various sizes: cabin, medium and large, the latter two, expandable in some models . The cabin size is suitable for traveling with low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling ... Most models have a combination lock with TSA function to travel safely to the US In our online luggage store You can find a wide variety of Secrid wallets, cabin suitcases, medium suitcases, large suitcases and extra large suitcases from the Samsonite brand. Quality at an unbeatable price!

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What are Samsonite soft cases like?

Samsonite soft travel suitcases are characterized by being very light and with a large interior capacity. They are ideal for trips by car, train or bus. In addition, they incorporate outer pockets for quick access to objects and documents.

What material are Samsonite soft cases made of?

In general, soft Samsonite suitcases are made of nylon or polyester, materials that are characterized by being very resistant and light, through the fabric of fibers.

Which are better the hard suitcases or the soft suitcases?

From we recommend rigid suitcases to all those people who are going to make multiple trips by plane, since they are more resistant and lighter, as well as waterproof. Soft suitcases suffer more on airplanes.

On the contrary, soft suitcases tend to have more interior capacity than rigid ones, since many of them have an extendable compartment, obtaining a large interior capacity. In addition, the soft suitcases have exterior zippered pockets for quick access to objects and documents, offering us comfort when traveling. These suitcases are recommended for all types of trips that are not by plane.
What collections can we find?

On our website we can find three collections of Samsonite soft luggage:

On the one hand we have the Samsonite Dynamo collection. This collection is characterized by being a basic model within soft suitcases. It incorporates four smooth-sliding wheels, a double wheel that facilitates 360º rotation and lateral movement, as well as an extendable compartment and two exterior zippered pockets.

On the other hand, the Samsonite Uplite collection is available, this collection is characterized by being ultralight travel suitcases, the cabin suitcase only weighs 1.7 kg. They are made of nylon, which gives them great resistance and, above all, lightness.

And finally, we have the Samsonite Fuze semi-rigid suitcase collection. Semi-rigid or hybrid suitcases are characterized by having a rigid structure combined with textile material, that is, they have the resistance of a rigid suitcase combined with the advantages of a soft suitcase (such as the outer pockets). Also, the opening is 50/50, just like a rigid suitcase. They have an extendable compartment to increase the interior capacity, and the cabin sizes incorporate two exterior pockets for quick access to objects and documents prepared to transport electronic devices in a simple and comfortable way when passing security controls at airports . The outer pockets have a large interior capacity perfect to transport everything we need.

Why should you buy a suitcase from this collection?

If you are a frequent traveler who does not use the plane, you are looking for a light and resistant travel suitcase, with a large interior capacity that adapts to all types of trips, and above all, comfort when traveling with quick-access outer pockets to objects and documents, the Samsonite soft suitcase collection is the one that best suits you.