Samsonite XBR business cases

Samsonite XBR business travel luggage with a daring, attractive and youthful look, is designed to provide lightness, resistance and functionality when traveling. It is recommended both for day-to-day, for work or for your travels. Among its wide variety of items, we highlight the laptop backpacks of different sizes, the computer cases with wheels and the cabin-size mobile office. They have a compartment for the Smart Fit computer, which adapts to the different sizes of the laptop and another compartment for the tablet up to 10.1 ". In addition, they have a rear flap to be able to transport the backpack on the handle of the suitcase, facilitating comfort when traveling. In our online luggage store you will find the entire collection of Samsonite XBR backpacks and rolling briefcases. Quality at an unbeatable price!

What are Samsonite XBR business travel bags like?

The Samsonite XBR business travel collection is characterized by being very youthful, attractive and with a casual touch. It is designed to provide lightness, functionality, durability and resistance.

It represents Samsonite's vision for continuous innovation in performance and mobility. It is made with a mixture of polyester and polyurethane providing a touch of elegance to all items.

Within this collection we can find laptop backpacks, wheeled laptop briefcases and mobile offices.

What features can we highlight from the Samsonite XBR business collection?

Samsonite XBR laptop backpacks have a key ring, a rear flap to carry on the suitcase handle, ergonomic shoulder straps, side bottle holder, pocket with headphone outlet, front organizer pocket, shock absorption system and a compartment for Smart Fit laptop, which easily adapts to different sizes of the laptop. You can carry it on your back or on the handle of the suitcase.

We have different sizes of 14.1 ", 15.6" and 17.3 "laptop backpacks. They are designed with three compartments: the front organizer pocket, which has several open compartments, slots for cards and pens, as well as different pockets for cables and chargers; the central compartment, in which you can carry all the files, folders and documents you need; and the back pocket, to transport the laptop and the tablet or iPad in their padded compartments.

Rolling laptop bag incorporates key insert, combination lock with TSA function for safe travel to the USA, rear flap to place the briefcase on the suitcase handle, interior equipped with Tech Locker (accordion-shaped opening ) for files and documents, shock absorption system, laptop compartment with Smart Fit technology, which adapts to different sizes of the laptop, the front pocket is an organizer so you can transport your accessories easily and comfortably and you can access them quickly. This briefcase is suitable for traveling with low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling ... It has three forms of transport: by hand with its upper handles, with its two wheels or on the handle of the suitcase.

It is designed with three zip compartments: the front is an organizer pocket, with open slots for business cards, pens ... as well as compartments for cables, chargers ... you can access them easily and quickly; in the central compartment you can carry your laptop and tablet, plus folders and documents; and the rear, is designed to transport clothes for the business trip, with a zipped compartment with crossed elastic straps inside.

The mobile office has a key insert, combination lock with TSA function for safe travel to the USA, central pocket, interior equipped with Tech Locker (accordion-shaped compartment opening to carry your documents and files perfectly organized), shock absorption system, pocket with a Smart Fit compartment, which adapts to different laptop sizes, elastic fastening straps and a front organizer pocket for quick access to objects. The interior is the same as a cabin suitcase, the difference is in the exterior pocket, in which it incorporates a pocket to transport the laptop, tablet or iPad plus folders and documents. In addition, on the front it incorporates a quick access organizer pocket.



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