Roncato Soft suitcases

The Roncato collection of soft travel suitcases are made of resistant and light materials. They are recommended for trips by bus, train, car ... They are very light and resistant suitcases with a large interior capacity. Unlike rigid suitcases, soft suitcases have exterior pockets that when traveling facilitate quick access to documents, objects ... They are available in various sizes: cabin, medium and large, the latter two, expandable in some models . The cabin models comply with the measures required by the main low cost airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling ... Most models have a combination lock with TSA function to travel safely to the US In our luggage store online you can find a wide variety of cabin luggage, medium suitcases, large suitcases and extra large suitcases, all of them rigid and from the Roncato brand. Quality at a scandal price!

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How are the Roncato soft luggage?

Roncato soft suitcases are made with high quality materials, offering great resistance, lightness and a large interior capacity.

We have a large selection of soft travel suitcases, of different sizes and colors that adapt to all kinds of needs.

What characteristics do they present?

They have a perfectly equipped interior with fastening straps in one compartment and a zippered pocket in the other. On the outside, it incorporates an outer pocket for quick access to objects and documents.

In addition to a double tube handle, top and side handles to facilitate grip, combination lock with TSA function suitable for traveling to the USA, and four wheels that facilitate 360º rotation and lateral movement on all surfaces.

They are very light travel suitcases made of nylon, a material that is characterized by its great resistance and lightness.

What items can we find?

Within the Roncato soft suitcases we have the following items:

-Cabin size 55 cm suitcase: it has measurements of 55x40x20 cm and a weight of 1.95 kg. It is suitable for traveling with low cost airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling… It offers a main compartment with a large interior capacity to carry everything you need. This size is perfect for weekend getaways.

-Set of two suitcases 67/78 cm: this set of travel suitcases consists of a medium-size suitcase and a large-size suitcase. This luggage can be carried as checked luggage in the different airlines. The medium size is ideal for 7-day trips for one person or short trips for two people, while the large size is perfect for stays of 15 days for one person, or stays of 7 days for two people.

-Set of three 55/67/78 cm suitcases: this set of soft suitcases consists of the cabin suitcase, the medium suitcase and the large suitcase. The small suitcase can be carried as cabin luggage in the different low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling ... The medium size and the large size can be carried as checked luggage on plane trips and are perfect for all kinds travel.

-Soft garment bag: light and resistant, it offers a large interior capacity. It is perfect to carry the most delicate clothes on your trips. It has a secure and resistant zip closure, a top handle to facilitate grip, a front pocket for quick access to objects and documents, plus a removable shoulder strap to carry it on the shoulder. Inside, it has a hanger for hanging and a zipper compartment to store clothes without wrinkling.

Why should you buy a suitcase from this collection?

If you are looking for a soft, light, resistant suitcase, with a large interior capacity, perfect for all kinds of trips, both to carry as cabin luggage or as checked luggage, the Roncato Ironik collection of soft travel luggage is the best. suits you.