Gladiator suitcases

The Gladiator travel suitcase collection is made of very light and resistant materials. Within these we can find two types: soft suitcases are perfect for trips by car, train or bus, while rigid suitcases are recommended for air travel due to their great resistance and lightness. You can find suitcases of different sizes: cabin, medium and large. Cabin suitcases are designed to be carried as unchecked luggage on low cost airlines, medium suitcases are perfect for trips of a week and large suitcases are for trips of more than a week. Many models have a combination lock with a TSA function. In our online luggage store you can find cabin suitcases, medium suitcases and large suitcases of the Gladiator brand. Quality at an unthinkable price!

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What is Gladiator

Gladiator was created in 1939 in Blancafort, Tarragona (Spain) under the name Queralt suitcases. Regarding the opinions of Gladiator suitcases, they have always stood out for their great quality / price ratio and high durability.

Gladiator suitcases

The Gladiator rigid suitcases are made of very resistant and light materials. In addition, all of them have a lock with a TSA function, perfect for traveling to the United States. They are modern and youthful suitcases with great durability and a security system. Gladiator cases can be made of polypropylene, ABS and polycarbonate.

    Polypropylene Gladiator collections, highly recommended for travelers, high durability and shock resistance, are the following:
    - Boxing
    - Ocean
    - Tankzip

    ABS collections, with a good value for money, aimed at the occasional traveler more than usual, stronger than polycarbonate and more flexible than polypropylene:
    - Zebra
    - Opera
    - Beetle

    Finally, the polycarbonate Gladiator collections are less resistant than the previous ones but much more flexible:
    - Neon Lux
    - Space
    - Neon

On the other hand, we have the soft Gladiator suitcases; The advantage they have over rigid suitcases is the quick access front pocket that all models have, through which we can access the interior of our suitcase with ease. Our main collections are:

-   3D
-   Meter
-   Arctic

Gladiator - Cabin suitcase

We have a wide variety of colors, types, designs and materials for the Gladiator cabin suitcase, ideal for all types of trips. The measurements of Gladiator cabin luggage have the necessary standards (55x40x20 cm) established by the airlines so that you can travel without worrying about whether or not your carry-on luggage meets the requirements for traveling by plane.

Cheap Suitcases Gladiator

We also have a wide selection of rigid suitcases made of Curv which is in a special material developed by Samsonite, rigid polycarbonate suitcases or a range of zippered suitcases that are made of polypropylene. Also. We have a careful selection of Roncato rigid suitcases of great elegance and design. Discover them, you will surely find yours!



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