Gladiator Mambo suitcase 65 cm


Medium suitcase

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  Hard suitcases

  Lower loop

  4 wheels

  Cabin luggage

  Combination lock with TSA function

  Divided pad

  Ergonomic straps


Capacity Liter 63/72
Dimensions cm. 45 x 65 x 27/31
Warranty 2-year limited worldwide warranty
Weight Kg. 3.8

The mambo burst onto the dance floor as a novelty in the 1950s in the Caribbean country. Just like the Gladiator Mambo collection of rigid and expandable suitcases with explosive colors with which traveling will be a party.

These suitcases are made of ABS materials, they are expandable in all their sizes. They also have a double wheel and a double tube handle, which together with the side straps will make them easy to transport. It has a combination lock with TSA function, which will allow you to travel safely and know that your suitcase will be in perfect condition.

Inside it has crossed straps to protect and keep your luggage, it also has a separator with pockets.


Characteristics of the Gladiator Mambo 65 cm suitcase:

- Size (45 x 65 x 27/31 cm)

- Weight 3.8 Kg

- Volume 63/72 L

- Cross ribbons.

- TSA combination lock.



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