Anti-Theft backpack XD Design Bobby Original


Anti-Theft backpack.

XD Design
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  Soft suitcases

  Ergonomic straps


  Smart sleeve/Smart pocket wich quickly slips over the handle of an upright/spinner case

  With laptop compartment

Capacity Liter 13
Construction 100% Polyester
Dimensions cm. 29 x 42 x 12
Dimensions laptop compartment, cm. 27 x 33 - 40 x 3,5; 15.6"
Warranty Limited 2 year global Warranty
Weight Kg. 0.885


The anti-theft backpacks XD Design Bobby Original are designed with very resistant materials, lightweight and waterproof. The main feature to be highlighted is its manufacture with a cut-proof material so you can travel safely, quietly and very comfortably.

It has a zipper closure and hidden pockets, a back flap to place the backpack on the handle of the suitcase, reflective bands, integrated USB charging port, great strength and lightness, YYK quality zipper, adjustable opening angle, easy pockets access, perfectly organized interior. The shoulder straps are adjustable and ergonomic, and the back panel is padded to ensure comfort in transport. In addition, you can transport the 15.6 "laptop and the 10.1" tablet or iPad

If you are looking for an anti-theft backpack to travel safely, safely and comfortably, the XD Design Booby Original anti-theft backpack collection is the one that best suits you. Discover it at the best price only at

Features anti-theft backpacks XD Design Bobby Original:

- Anti-theft backpacks
- Anti-cut fabric.
- Waterproof fabric
- USB charging port.
- 15.6" laptop compartment and 10" tablet.


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