American Tourister Tracklite

American Tourister Tracklite collection of rigid travel suitcases made of very light materials, with a highly scratch-resistant texture and a large interior capacity. They have a secure and resistant zip closure, double wheels with smooth movement facilitating 360º rotation, an interior perfectly equipped with a net separator and crossed elastic straps. The medium and large sizes have an expandable compartment to increase the interior capacity, as well as a combination lock with TSA function. It is available in a wide variety of very bright and youthful colors that will make it very easy for you to recognize the suitcase on the luggage straps. In our travel luggage store you can find the entire collection of American Tourister Tracklite rigid suitcases in all their sizes and colors. Quality at an unimaginable price!

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What are the American Tourister Tracklite cases like?
The American Tourister Trackilte collection of rigid travel suitcases are made of very resistant and lightweight materials. Thanks to its texture, it is perfect for air travel, it offers great resistance to shocks and impacts.
It has an industrial design, making the most of the space, which translates into a large interior capacity.
It is available in two shades of black and silver, which offers a stylish look.

What characteristics does this collection present?
The medium and large suitcase sizes are extendable, you can increase the interior capacity of your suitcase adapting to the needs of each trip.
In addition, these two sizes incorporate a combination lock with TSA function recommended for traveling to the US Two out of ten suitcases are randomly searched for prohibited or dangerous items. You just have to set the three-digit combination you want. The customs police have a master key that opens all the suitcases so that they can be checked without having to be forced.
The cabin size only has a three-digit combination lock, you will only have to set that combination to open your suitcase.
It has double smooth-sliding wheels perfect for dragging on all types of pavements. It also facilitates lateral movement.
The interior is perfectly equipped with elastic fastening straps in one compartment and a zipper separator in the other.

What sizes are available?
The American Tourister Tracklite Collection is available at:
• 55 cm cabin suitcase: it is the ideal size for weekend getaways. This suitcase complies with the strict cabin size allowed by low cost airlines (55x40x20 cm) and a maximum weight of 10 kg.
• Suitcase measure 67 cm: it is suitable to carry as checked luggage on your plane trips. It is the ideal size for week-long getaways for one person, or for short getaways for two people.
• 78 cm large suitcase: it is valid as checked baggage on plane trips. It is the recommended size for trips of more than a week for one person or for stays of one week for two people.
• Set of three rigid suitcases: if what you are looking for is a set of three suitcases so that you can have each one of them on each trip, this is certainly your chance. This rigid suitcase set consists of the cabin suitcase, the medium suitcase and the large suitcase.
• Set of two rigid suitcases: we have all possible combinations of two suitcases. Choose the one that best suits you and your travels.

Why should you buy this collection?
The American Tourister Tracklite collection is the most affordable quality / price collection to date. You can choose from its wide variety of colors and sizes. Don't think twice and buy your suitcase now.