Crew Single Eastpak

Crew Single wallets are made of 100% nylon, a lightweight and resistant material perfect for a wallet. It has multiple internal compartments, as well as a back pocket.

It is the perfect complement to one of the Eastpak brand backpacks or suitcases. You can store your important personal items in the back pocket and use the front pocket to store everything else, in a practical and comfortable way.

All Eastpak products are 100% vegan and do not use animal products in their manufacture.

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What are Crew Single wallets like?

Crew Single wallets are made of nylon, a highly resistant and lightweight material.
They are available in an incredibly wide range of colors, personalize your purchase by matching it with an Eastpak backpack or suitcase of the same color.

What features can we highlight from this collection?

Crew Single wallets are wallets in the Eastpak design. Absolutely customizable thanks to the wide range of colors offered by the brand, you will not only find your desired wallet, but you will also be able to acquire it as a set of the accessory that you choose (from suitcases and backpacks to fanny packs and cases).

It incorporates a back zip pocket in addition to multiple internal compartments.

Why should you buy this collection?

Buy your Crew Single wallet now, resistance, and versatility in your hand, personalize your purchase, don't let it escape!



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